Artist Statement

Thank you for enjoying my artwork. I love traditional drawing and painting with a passion. I always have and always will, but nevertheless occasionally branch out into new forms and media. Lately, I have been fascinated by using found and salvaged materials. I prefer art that shows the imperfect human hand of the artist, and not simply the subjects we choose to reflect. Often, my work is intentionally rough and unrefined in order to show the viewer what movements were made to create the art they are viewing.

I attended Seattle's Gage Academy of Fine Art, where I focused on drawing, watercolor, anatomy, portraiture, and art history.

Following a stint as a tattoo artist I traveled to Europe where I was exposed to great historical paintings and great street art, which remain strong influences upon my work to this day.

I live in Seattle, and wish to gratefully acknowledge the generosity and support of my family and friends.


April 6th, 2015